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One Word Substitution Quiz in English for Competitive Examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANKS, CDS, NDA, MBA, RAILWAYS, PSC, etc.

Quiz - One Word Substitution

Instruction for playing One Word Substitution Quiz:

Under this section users can play unlimited number of free quiz or test related to One Word Substitution. This section contains 750 One Word Substitution questions previously asked in various competitive examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANKS, CDS, NDA, MBA, RAILWAYS, PSC, etc. Under this Test / Quiz, 10 multiple choice questions related to One Word Substitution will be displayed with four options. These questions are selected randomly from our One Word Substitution database. Users will have to select one of the four options given which they think is the correct answer. After attempting all the questions users will have to select Check Result option which will take them to the result page. In the result page users will be shown detailed result such as number of correct and wrong answer along with percentage obtained. It will also show the correct answer to each questions.

1) A person in a vehicle or on horseback escorting another vehicle
A) Navigator
B) Escort
C) Outrider
D) Fratricide

2) Shine with a bright but brief or irregular light
A) Whimper
B) Cower
C) Mutter
D) Flicker

3) One who is reckless and wasteful with his money
A) Reckless
B) Spendthrift
C) Miser
D) Lavish

4) A short walk for pleasure or exercise
A) Jog
B) Gallop
C) Stroll
D) Excorcism

5) Someone who is designated to hear both sides of a dispute and make a judgement
A) Arbiter
B) Mediator
C) Arbitrator
D) Lawyer

6) The art of preserving skin of animals, birds and fish
A) Topology
B) Taxidermy
C) Seismology
D) Taxonomy

7) Suitable or intended only for young persons
A) Youthful
B) Juvenile
C) Puerile
D) Adolescent

8) Of very bad morals
A) characterized by debasement or degeneration
B) Sincere
C) Depraved
D) Chum

9) Of outstanding significance
A) Monumental
B) Ominous
C) Rational
D) Evident

10) A small enclosure for cattle, sheep, poultry etc.
A) Pen
B) Cellar
C) Sty
D) Den