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KIDS General Knowledge Quiz Set No - 3

Questions in the quiz are related to General Knowledge, English, Science, Sports, History, India, Geography, Computer, Maths and CBSE syllabus of Class 3, Class 4 & Class 5.

21) 6500 + 500 + 250 + 90 + 5 = ?
A) 7342
B) 7343
C) 7344
D) 7345

22) Gir National Park in Gujarat is famous for?
A) Elephant
B) Rhinoceros
C) Lion
D) Tiger

23) Smallest state of India is?
A) Goa
B) Sikkim
C) Tripura
D) Mizoram

24) Highest dam of India is?
A) Hirakud Dam
B) Idukki Dam
C) Bhakra Nangal Dam
D) Tehri Dam

25) Agra is situated on the bank of river?
A) Ganga
B) Yamuna
C) Narmada
D) Gomti

26) Round 8573 to the nearest ten?
A) 8570
B) 8580
C) 8560
D) 8500

27) Estimate the product by rounding each number to the nearest hundred: 241 x 382
A) 800
B) 8000
C) 80000
D) 800000

28) Most widely spoken language in the world is?
A) Hindi
B) English
C) Spanish
D) Mandarin (Chinese)

29) Which of the following is known as City of Palaces?
A) Jaipur
B) Kolkata
C) New Delhi
D) Bangalore

30) Rich source of Vitamin-C is?
A) Apple
B) Mango
C) Guava
D) Orange

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