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Idioms and PhrasesMeaning
By the skin of one's teeth - By the smallest margin
Make both ends meet - Earn just enough money to live on
All and sundry - Everyone without distinction
The pros and cons - For and against a thing
Wild goose chase - Fruitless pursuit of something unattainable
Lock, stock, and barrel - Including all or every part of something
Swan song - Last work or performance of a musician, actor etc before death or retirement
Pin money - Money for incidental expenses
To cry wolf - Raising false alarm
Wolf in sheep's clothing - Someone who is pretending to be something they are not
No love lost - Strong hatred, hostility, or enmity for the other person
To take up the gauntlet - To accept a challenge
To be at loggerheads - To be at strife or enmity
To be at daggers drawn - To be bitter enemy
To keep one's head above water - To be cautious
Eat humble pie - To be forced to apologize humbly
To kick your heels - To be forced to wait for a period of time
Be in the mire - To be in difficulties
In hot water - To be in trouble
To blow hot and cold - To be inconsistent

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