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Idioms and PhrasesMeaning
To get cold feet - To become nervous or anxious
To play fast and loose - To behave in a recklessly irresponsible or deceitful manner
To end in smoke - To come to nothing
To read between the lines - To detect the real meaning
To give up the ghost - To die
To die in harness - To die while actively engaged in work
Blaze a trail - To do early or pioneering work that others will follow up on
To set the thames on fire - To do something remarkable
To pour oil in troubled water - To do something to calm a quarrel
Bite the bullet - To endure a painful or otherwise unpleasant situation that is seen as unavoidable
To make a mountain of a molehill - To exaggerate the importance of something trivial
To wrangle over an ass's shadow - To fight or quarrel over trivial and insignificant matters
To catch a Tartar - To fight with strong enemy
Hit the nail on the head - To guess or arrive at exactly the right answer
To hit below the belt - To harm unfairly
Have an axe to grind - To have a reason for being involved in something
To pay off old scores - To have one's revenge
Let bygones be bygones - To ignore the past
Throw down the gauntlet - To issue a challenge
To grease one's palm - To offer bribe

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