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Idioms and PhrasesMeaning
To cast pearls before a swine - To offer someone a thing who doesn't care about it
To break the ice - To overcome shyness and start a conversation
To push someone to the wall - To put someone in a defensive position
To put the cart before the horse - To put things in the wrong order
To turn a deaf ear - To refuse to listen or hear something
To spill the beans - To reveal confidential information or secrets
Pick holes in - To seek and discover fault
To show the white feather - To show signs of cowardice
Call a spade a spade - To speak frankly about something, even if it is unpleasant
To play on a fiddle - To spend time in aimless or fruitless activity
Smell a rat - To suspect that something is wrong
To smell a rat - To suspect that something is wrong
To take with a grain of salt - To take with some reservation
To keep the wolf from the door - To ward off poverty or hunger
Get the sack - Told to leave the job
To beat the air - Useless efforts
Within an ace of - Very close to doing something
Once in a blue moon - Very rarely
Adams ale - water
Burning the candle at both ends - wearing themselves out or working too hard

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