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One Word Substitution

DescriptionOne Word
The action of forging a copy or imitation of a document, signature, or work of art Forgery
Deliberate killing of a large group of people of a particular nation or ethnic group Genocide
Fear of sexual relations or sexual intercourse Genophobia
List of explanation of words Glossary
A person or thing used as a subject for experiment or test Guinea Pig
A lengthy and aggressive speech Harangue
Fear of being robbed Harpaxophobia
A man who dances to the tunes of his wife Henpecked
An animal that feeds on plants Herbivore
Having both male and female organs Hermaphrodite
The killing of one person by another Homicide
A violent and noisy young troublemaker Hooligan
Fear of water Hydrophobia
A religious song Hymn
Difficult or impossible to read Illegible
Interval between two events Interlude
List of goods with its price Invoice
Impossible to harm or damage Invulnerable
Language difficult for others to understand Jargon
Fear of cockroaches Katsaridaphobia

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