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One Word Substitution

DescriptionOne Word
Custom of having more than one husbands Polyandry
Custom of having many wives Polygamy
Occurring or appearing after the death of the originator Posthumous
A remark added at the end of a letter Postscript
A concise summary of a book, article, or other text Precis
A young person with exceptional qualities or abilities Prodigy
A side view of someone's head Profile
Fear of radiation Radiophobia
The quantitative relation between two amounts Ratio
Property in the form of land and houses Real Estate
An object surviving from an earlier time reminding us of the past Relic
An official demand or request Requisition
A woman's small handbag Reticule
A morally right and fully deserved punishment Retribution
Not willing to believe that something is true Sceptical
Go back and forth Shuttle
A party that has signed an agreement Signatory
Insignificant or unimportant people or things Small Fry
A object that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event Souvenir
A spirit of honest fair play Sportsmanship

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