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FLIMSY, v weak; feeble; not very convincing; lacking substance.
FRACAS, n an uproar; fight; noisy quarrel.
FUNGIBLE, adj. interchangeable.
GHASTLY, adj. horrible, horrifying.
GRANDEUR, n. the quality of being magnificent or splendid; glory.
GRANDIOSE, adj Large and impressive, in size, scope or extent
GULLIBLE, adj. easily deceived or tricked.
HEINOUS, adj. extremely wicked, criminal.
HOMOGENEOUS, adj. all of the same or similar kind or nature.
HYPOCRISY, n. pretending to have qualities or beliefs that one do not really have; pretence.
ILLUSORY, adj deceiving; misleading; illusory promises.
IMMACULATE, adj. spotless; flawless; without stain or blemish.
IMPEACH, v. to bring an accusation against; to level a charge against
IMPECCABLE, adj Perfect, having no faults, flaws or errors
INCENSE, v to make extremely angry; to set on fire.
INCRIMINATE, v. to implicate in a crime; to accuse.
INEXORABLE, adj Impossible to stop or prevent, relentless
INFER, v Conclude by reasoning, in logic
INHERENT, adj Existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute
INNOCUOUS, adj. not injurious; harmless.

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