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INQUISITIVE, adj. Curious
INSANITY, n Seriously mentally ill, madness.
INTEGRITY, n The quality of being honest, moral soundness
INTERCEDE, v. to mediate; to reconcile differences.
INTERIM, n a period of time between one event, process or period and another
INTREPID, adj. invulnerable to fear or intimidation; brave; fearless.
INTUITION, n The ability to understand something instinctively, premonition
INVETERATE, adj Having a particular habit, activity, or interest
INVOLUNTARY, adj. not subject to the control of the will; unwilled;
JADED, adj bored or lacking enthusiasm
JUXTAPOSITION, n The act of positioning close together
LANGUISH, v Become pitiful or weak, feeble
LEGITIMATE, adj. genuine; lawful.
LIBERAL, adj. Characterized by broad-mindedness
MEDDLE, v To interfere in other people's affairs or business
MOTILE, adj exhibiting or capable or spontaneous movement.
MYRIAD, adj. innumerable; in a large amount.
NONENTITY, n Nonexistence; Imaginary; A person or thing of no importance or value.
OBLITERATE, v To remove completely, leaving no trace
OMNIPOTENT, adj. having unlimited power.

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