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OSTENTATIOUS, adj. Intended to attract notice and impress others
PARITY, n similarity; equality.
PARITY, n. functional equality
PRAGMATIC, adj. practical (values).
PRECARIOUS, adj Dangerously likely to fall or collapse, Not secure
PREDILECTION, n A predisposition in favor of something, preference
PRODIGIOUS, adj Great in extent, size, or degree, large
PROFANE, adj. Lacking reverence or respect, especially towards a god
PROFLIGATE, adj. unrestrained by convention or morality.
PROMISCUOUS, adj Characterized by many transient sexual relationships.
PUNITIVE Inflicting punishment, punishing
QUANDARY, n doubt, plight, dilemma
QUANDARY, n. state of uncertainty; doubt; dilemma.
QUELL, v. Suppress or crush completely
RAMPANT, adj. unrestrained and violent; widespread.
RECEDE, v. To move away or backward
RECUPERATE To recover, especially from an illness
REDUNDANT, adj. more than is needed or desired; superfluous.
REPRISAL, n A retaliatory action against an enemy, revenge
REPRISAL, n. a retaliatory action against an enemy; revenge.

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