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Abbreviations and Expansions, Full Form Traditional GK

List of Abbreviations and Expansions

AbbreviationFull Form
R.T.I.Right To Information.
P.T.I.Press Trust of India.
U.N.O.United Nation Organisation.
B.P.O.Business Process Outsourcing.
C.I.C.Chief Information Commissioner.
N.R.E.G.A.National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.
P.A.N.Permanent Account Number.
S.I.M.Subscriber Identification Module.
N.D.A.National Defence Academy.
O.P.E.C.Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
RAMRandom Access Memory.
RAWResearch and Analysis Wing.
I.S.I.Inter Services Intelligence.
I.I.M.Indian Institute of Management.
N.A.S.A.National Aeronautics Space Administration.
I.B.M.International Business Machines.
N.G.O.Non-Governmental Organization.
B.S.F.Border Security Force.
C.E.O.Chief Executive Officer.
C.B.I.Central Bureau of Investigation.

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