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Branches of Science

Study of Heavenly bodies is called? Astronomy
Study of bacteria and the diseases caused by them is called? Bacteriology
Science dealing with the origin and development of mankind is called? Anthropology
Study of cells is called? Cytology
Science dealing with the functions and the diseases of heart is called? Cardiology
Study of skin is called? Dermatology
Study of Blood Vascular System is called? Angiology
Study of Fungi and fungus diseases is called Mycology
Study of Tumours is called? Oncology
Study of Liver and its diseases is called? Hepatology
Study of Secret writing is called? Cryptography
Study of the Nervous system, its functions and its disorders is called? Neurology
Branch of Biology dealing with the phenomena of Heredity is called? Genetics
Study of causes of Diseases is called? Etiology
Study of Ears and their diseases is called? Otology
Study of Condition and Structure of Earth is called? Geology
Study of Kidneys and its function is called? Nephrology
Study of Coins and Medals is called? Numismatics
Study of Birds is called? Ornithology
Study of Fossils is called? Palaeontology
Study of Bones is called? Osteology
Study of Soils is called? Pedology
Branch of science dealing with Urinary system is called? Urology
Study of Viruses is called? Virology
Study of resistance of body against infection (immunity) is called? Immunology
Study of Muscles is called? Myology
Study of development of Embryos is called? Embryology
Study of Insects is called? Entomology
Study of Female Reproductive System is called? Gynaecology
Study of production of Three Dimensional Image using Laser is called? Holography
Study of Snakes is called? Serpentology
Study of Earthquakes is called? Seismology
Production of Raw Silk by rearing of Silk Worms is called? Sericulture
Study of Algae is called? Phycology
Study of Fossils is called? Palaeontology
Study of diseases, symptoms, cause and remedy is called? Pathology
Study of Serum is called? Serology
The Breeding, Rearing, and Transplantation of Fish is called? Pisciculture
Study of Eyes and its diseases is called? Opthamology
Study of Dreams is called? Oneirology