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List of Scientific Inventions and Discoveries

Television John Logie Baird (Britain).
Telephone Alexander Graham Bell (USA).
Steam Engine James Watt (Scotland).
Radio G. Marconi (Italy).
Microscope Z. Janssen (Netherlands).
Logarithm John Napier (Scotland).
Electric Lamp Thomas Alva Edison (USA).
Electromagnet William Sturgeon (England).
Electromagnetic Induction Michael Faraday (Britain).
Elevator (lift) Elisha G. Otis (USA).
Talking Film Warner Bros (USA).
Gramophone Thomas Alva Edison (USA).
Fountain Pen Lewis E. Waterman (USA).
Motor Car (Petrol) Karl Benz (Germany).
Motor Cycle Edward Butler (Britain).
Radar Dr A. H. Taylor and L. C. Young (USA).
Revolver Samuel Colt (USA).
Submarine D. Bushnell (USA).
Telegraph Samuel B. Morse (USA).
Radioactivity Antoine-Henri Becquerel (France).

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