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SobriquetsOriginal Name
Bengal's Sorrow - Damodar River
Blue Mountain - Nilgiri Hills
City of Palaces - Kolkata
City of Sky-Scrappers - New York
City of Golden Gate - San Francisco
City of Eternal Springs - Quito (S. America)
China's Sorrow - Hwang Ho river
City of Seven Hills - Rome
City of Dreaming Spires - Oxford
Cockpit of Europe - Belgium
Dark Continent - Africa
Diary of Northern Europe - Denmark
Emerald Isle - Ireland
Empire City - New York
Eternal City - Rome
Forbidden City - Lhasa (Tibet)
Garden City - Bengaluru
Gate of Tears - Strait of Bab-el Mandeb
Gift of the Nile river - Egypt
George Cross Island - Malta
Granite City - Aberdeen (Scotland)
Hermit Kingdom - Korea
Herring Pond - Atlantic Ocean
Holy Land - Jerusalem (Israel)
Holy Mountain - Fujiyama (Japan)
Island of Cloves - Zanzibar
Island Continent - Australia
Island of Fire - Iceland
Island of Pearls - Bahrain
Island of Springs - Jamaica
Key of Mediterranean - Gibralter
Land of Cakes - Scotland
Land of Flying Fish - Barbados
Land of Golden Fleece - Australia
Land of Golden Pagoda - Myanmar
Land of Humming bird - Trinidad
Land of Maple Leaf - Canada
Land of Marble - Italy
Land of Midnight Sun - Norway
Land of Morning Calm - Korea
Land of Thousand Elephants - Laos
Land of Rising Sun - Japan
Land of White Elephant - Thailand
Land of Thousand Lakes - Finland
Land of Thunderbolt - Bhutan
Land of Perpetual Greenness - Natal
Land of Windmills - Netherland
Loneliest Island - Tristan da Cunha
Manchester of the Orient - Osaka
New World - America
Pearl of Antilles - Cuba
Pearl of Orient - Hongkong
Pillars of Hercules - Strait of Gibraltar
Pink City - Jaipur
Playground of Europe - Switzerland
Quaker City - Philadelphia
Queen of the Adriatic - Venice
Roof of the World - The Pamirs
Sickman of Europe - Turkey
Sugar Bowl of the World - Cuba
Spice Island of the West - Greece
Venice of the North - Stockholm
Windy City - Chicago
Whiteman's Grave - Guinea
Yellow River - Huang Ho


1. 'Land of Cakes' is the sobriquet of which country?

  • a) Chicago
  • b) Greece
  • c) Scotland
  • d) Finland

Correct Answer: (c)

2. 'Emerald Isle' is the sobriquet of which country?

  • a) USA
  • b) Ireland
  • c) Egypt
  • d) Australia

Correct Answer: (b)

3. 'Island of Pearls' is the sobriquet of which country?

  • a) Bahrain
  • b) Canada
  • c) Italy
  • d) Cuba

Correct Answer: (a)

4. 'Playground of Europe' is the sobriquet of?

  • a) Germany
  • b) Switzerland
  • c) Greece
  • d) Spain

Correct Answer: (b)

5. 'City of Seven Hills' is the sobriquet of?

  • a) Rome
  • b) London
  • c) Paris
  • d)

Correct Answer: (a)

6. 'Dark Continent' is the sobriquet of?

  • a) North America
  • b) Africa
  • c) Asia
  • d) South America

Correct Answer: (b)

7. 'Herring Pond' is the sobriquet of?

  • a) Indian Ocean
  • b) Artic Ocean
  • c) Pacific Ocean
  • d) Atlantic Ocean

Correct Answer: (d)

8. 'Land of Maple Leaf' is the sobriquet of?

  • a) France
  • b) Argentina
  • c) Canada
  • d) China

Correct Answer: (c)

9. 'Spice Island of the West' is the sobriquet of?

  • a) Greece
  • b) Spain
  • c) Portugal
  • d) Finland

Correct Answer: (a)

10. 'Yellow River' is the sobriquet of?

  • a) Brahmaputra
  • b) Nile
  • c) Huang Ho
  • d) Ganga

Correct Answer: (c)