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For candidates appearing in various competitive examinations to be held in India in 2018 such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC TAX ASSISTANT, BANKS, RAILWAYS, CDS, NDA, MBA, PSC, etc. we have created latest study materials on general knowledge covering various topics such as TRADITIONAL GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 2017, INDIAN CONSTITUTION, HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, SCIENCE, COMPUTER and SPORTS. General Knowledge topics are very vast and lengthy so we have tried to cover as much topics as possible. Also, we are continuously adding more and more general knowledge topics. Each and every topics are to the point and have been prepared keeping in mind the latest trends followed by SSC, UPSC, IBPS, RAILWAYS, PSC, LIC, GIC, etc. Latest general knowledge questions frequently asked in above mentioned competitive examinations are also included in this section with answers. The main objective of TO THE POINT section is to enable candidates to perform successfully in General Knowledge (GK) question paper.

Now you can download all the GK TOPICS given under TOTHEPOINT section in PDF format from our android app GK QUIZ for offline reading and printing as well. Download the app from Google Playstore.

Computer - ToThePoint Computer Related Abbreviations GIC Assistant Computer Knowledge
Computer Awareness (Set-1) Computer Awareness (Set-2)

Vocabulary Synonyms Antonyms
Idioms and Phrases One Word Substitution Fill in the Blanks
Spot the Error in Sentences Cloze Test

Alternative Names of Personalities Abbreviation Books and Authors Dance Forms of India
First in India/World Founders of Companies Father of Different Fields Folk Dances of India
GK - ToThePoint Invention and Discoveries Important Days of the Year National Game of Countries
National Emblem of Countries National Laboratories and Research Institutes Important Organisations Sanctuaries and National Parks
India's Largest, Highest, Biggest Indian Town on River Bank Foreign Town on River Bank Five Year Plans of India
Nobel Prize Winners 2014 Sobriquets of India/World Museums in India Hill Stations of India
Holy Places in India Old and New Names of Cities/States/Countries Academics and Institutes of India Principal Languages of the World
Characters and Creators United Nations Organisations Intelligence Agencies of the World List of Maharatna, Navratna and Miniratna Companies

Constitution - ToThePoint President of India Vice-President of India Council of Ministers
Lok Sabha Rajya Sabha President/VP/Prime Minister Indian States and UT
Comptroller and Auditor General of India Attorney General of India Advocate General of State National Symbols of India
Important Constitutional Amendments Constitutional Schedules Indian States Created After 1950 Supreme Court of India
High Court of India Sources of Indian Constitution Types of Writs Parts of the Indian Constitution
National Development Council Planning Commission Election Commission Finance Commission
Public Service Commission Preamble Salient Features of Indian Constitution Oaths and Resignations
Languages in the 8th Schedule Important Age Limits in Indian Constitution

History - ToThePoint Founders of Dynasties Buddhism Jainism
Haryanka Dynasty Shishunaga Dynasty Nanda Dynasty Alexander Invasion in India
Mauryan Empire Sunga Dynasty Satavahana Dynasty Gupta Dynasty
Harsha Vardhana Delhi Sultanate Mughal Empire Indian National Congress
Newspaper and Journal of Freedom Struggle Era Important Treaties in the History of India Ancient Indian Books and Authors Important Foreign Travellers to India
Important Battles Social Reformers of India/World Important Dates of Indian History Ancient Indian Scholars
Sikh Gurus Governor General/Viceroy Books of Freedom Struggle Era

Geography - ToThePoint Dams in India Mountain Peaks and Ranges Rivers, Lakes, Oceans and Straits
Layers of the Earth Earth's Atmospheric Layers Important Boundaries Deserts of the World
Types of Winds National Waterways in India Types of Rocks Major Gulfs of the World
Mountain/Himalayan Passes Types of Forests Types of Soils Types of Crops
Ports of India Minerals Wealth of India Geographical Discoveries Biggest and Smallest Countries of World
World Heritage Sites in India Biosphere Reserves in India Famous Tribes of the World Largest Island in the World
Active Volcanoes of the World Lakes in India National Highway of India Contour Lines
Agricultural Revolution Waterfalls

Reserve Bank of India Nationalised Banks in India Bank Slogans and Punchlines Indian Insurance Companies
Coming SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon

Science - ToThePoint Branches of Science Scientific Instruments Common Names of Chemical Compounds
Vitamins and Minerals Ores and Alloys Important Facts About Human Body Common Drugs and their uses
Scientific Laws and Theories Types of Diseases Atomic Numbers, Symbols of Elements Diseases and Affected Body Parts
S.I. Units of Measurement First in Space Diseases in Plants Scientific Names of Common Plants and Animals
Breeds of Cattle in India Names of Animals and their Young Ones

Sports - ToThePoint Indian Olympic Medal Winners Grand Slam Tennis 2013 First in Sports in India
Stadiums in India World Cup Cricket World Cup Football World Cup Hockey
Number of Players in Sports Terms Associated with Sports

Now you can download all the GK TOPICS given under TOTHEPOINT section in PDF format from our android app GK QUIZ for offline reading and printing as well. Download the app from Google Playstore.